Monday, December 24, 2012

With a child's heart

Christmas Eve finds a certain sadness lingering from the Connecticut horror from a couple of weeks ago. This year has been tough in every way.  Killings, tornadoes, bickering over politics and policy, murders, hurricanes, a college football child abuse trial, so much sadness. 

We end the year soon, not soon enough for many. 2013 beckons and there is always the chance for hopeful people to see a brighter day beyond that blue horizon. 

For now, let's pause and ponder what the holidays can be for us all.  If I could, I'd have us all see Christmas through the same eyes we used as children, when even the simplest little thing could fill our hearts with happiness and laughter.  We got older, that's all, and things got bigger - our wants, needs, things in general. 

If you feel a vague sense of being disquieted, why not turn down the surround sound, close your eyes and think back to another day.  Look around at the children in your life, in your family or in your neighborhood.  They still feel the joy.

May God send you joy at Christmas and all through this coming year.  And when we speak to - and of - each other, let's try to pretend that it's Christmas every day. And ask the drug store or the grocery to keep candy canes and egg nog in stock all year long.  That will end a lot of the agitation.

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