Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Saturday picture show, 12/22/12

This is an old picture; I've seen it around for years. The anthropomorphism of a gun dressed in a tiger suit shoveling snow just amuses me. OR!  Is this a tiger who worked on a highway crew and was making such good money that he was able to afford a human hand transplant, the better to grip the shovel? 
I've kept this picture around for a couple of weeks to see about something, and that is, whether it would continue to suggest an aroma every time I see it. And it does.  When I look at it, I get the smell of a walk in the pine forest out near the reservoir, or cleaning the floors with Pine-Sol.  I recommend pine trees for everyone who wants to put some great trees around their yard.  They are nature's miracle: no leaves to rake, and they drop their needles cleanly at their base, forming their own mulch!  Maintenance free! And so aromatic!
Here are some more pines, but you can't see the needles for the snow.  And that's the way it should be all winter long!  Please?
Almost as funny as someone spelling "misspelling" incorrectly is someone's "Alignment" sign being out of...alignment.

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