Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Saturday picture show, 12/15/12

 Of course, I would be partial to Jane Parker Fruitcake, as a former A&P employee.  The fact is, I love fruitcake, which makes me a member of a very small but well-fed group.  What's sad is, there are no more A&P grocery stores around here, but if you happen to have an old fruitcake around, don't worry.  Just add a little rum to some cheesecloth, wrap the remaining chunks o' cake in it, and in a day or two, you'll have a fine dessert.
 I love the color known as "rust".  It would appear that these nails were driven into this log before the log was burned, and then someone took a picture that I like just because of the colors. 
 Look at this for a minute and I'm sure you will figure out what it's a visual alphabet.  Thanks for showing us your 'O' face, Office Space fans!
OK.  So she crossed the road and will soon be on the other side.  And for what? 

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