Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Saturday picture show, 12/1/12

 This sign comes to us courtesy of "vandalizers" (as Haley says on "Modern Family") who played on the old Jose Feliciano Christmas song to make a pun.  As everyone knows, the original expression refers to the holiday celebration in the law enforcement community which is known as "Police Navidad."
Now, here's a photo that shows us all the best things about this time of the year...snowy trees and landscape, and pretty lights at night.  I can't wait to see our town looking like this for real.

 This was probably the most widely circulated photo of the past week.  It shows New York police officer Larry DePrimo, who came across this barefoot fellow in New York in November.  DePrimo was wearing boots and two pairs of wool socks, and he couldn't bear the sight of this man with neither, so he spent $75 of his own money to buy them for him.  Surely this blessing will come back to him many times over his life and police career.  It's good to know there are still people like this sharing the earth with us.
If you think this wooden deck chair looks a little beat, well, that might be because it is one of only seven remaining of the hundreds of others like it to have sailed on the Titanic that April night in 1912.  As the mighty ship sank, crewmen were seen tossing these chairs into the ocean to serve as flotation devices.  This one is up for auction, with an estimate price of $50,000- $75,000.  I love to look at objects such as this and marvel at where they have been, and what stories they could tell, if only...


Jean Brodie said...

I love that chair! If we can get our basement wood shop set up, I'm putting a reproduction of it on Josh's honeydo list!

Mark said...

It looks like a nice chair...made in Boston for the voyage...Jean, I hope you have the pleasure of one day sitting in your repro-version and sipping a lemonade beneath a lovely flowering tree!