Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gotta hope it looks like her

Well, there is excitement afoot, and at hand, because Kate Middleton,  AKA Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has an English muffin in the oven, due next year.

Not for me to question the excitement over her and her husband, Prince Fielder William, Duke of Cambridge.   I know she is pretty, if a bit skinny, and she seems nice enough.  But why Americans get all worked about about the British Royal Family escapes me.  I know one thing for sure.  His father, Charles "Big Poppa" the Prince of Wales, has been waiting to become the King since Hector was a pup, and so the offspring of Kate and Willie will have a short route to the top only if compared to the American Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Shaun Donovan, who is 12th in line for the good seat at the White House as of right this minute.  Yes, Jolly Cholly, as he likes to be called, once he's wearing that crown...he will not give it up too soon.

Do you remember that Americans dressed in tiaras and other "royal" gear and sat in movie theaters in the middle of the night last April (2011) when those two crazy kids tied the knot at a quickie ceremony in London?  There is something about us that makes us care about these folks, and so I want to do my part.  Here are some names that I have chosen for the royal kid...

MALE                                       FEMALE

Elvis                                         Brandine
Jerry Lee                                   Jinx
Hector                                       WhiskeySue
Duane (or "The Rock")               Goldilocks
Forrest                                      Lexus-Ferrari
Joe Don                                     Britney
Baldy                                        Camilla
Lee Harvey                                 Kinki
Marmaduke                                Deja Vu
Nixon                                         Ricola

These names are offered to Willie and Katie, free of charge, in a hands-across-the-sea gesture.  Should one of these be chosen, I will expect an invitation to the Royal Christening and a fortnight's stay at the Palace.                                

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