Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Sunday picture show, 12/9/12

 I found this magazine ad online, and it reminds us of the days none of us can remember.  Apparently there was a time when few home bathrooms had showers.  I guess if the showers had been more prevalent early on, they would call that room "the shower room," but that's how it shower, just a bath, and I am very glad I wasn't there for those days. 
 A week or so ago, we saw the picture of the house in China where the city had built an airport approach road.  The owners of the house had refused to sell their property and were planning to stay, in defiance.  That lasted less than a week, and they capitulated after all.  Looks like it took the city about ten minutes to level the house and finish the road.  Lesson learned?  I don't know.
 Here's a picture I found that the moon up there, or is it a security light high overlooking a stand of trees outside a building or campus?  Either way, I like the light shimmering off the branches.  Are they just wet, or icy? 
The Chive ran this picture of Neil Patrick Harris meeting and greeting fans at Disneyland.  I really like hearing that celebrities, athletes, performers and Kardashians take time to be good to people.  Guys like Harris, who have been around for a while, know how to mingle and stay popular.  It's just as well that I am not famous, because if anyone ever asked me for my autograph, I'd be glad to sign it, but then they would have to ask, "Hey, what does this say?"

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