Friday, December 14, 2012

Crossing the road'll make you JUMP! JUMP!

I found a way to combine my love of getting books to read for free with my habit of walking in cold air, by walking to the library yesterday afternoon. 

Retirees have all sorts of time for these things, you understand.

On my way home with two books I would not buy, but will read (My Mother Was Nuts by Penny Marshall and Not Taco Bell Material by Adam Carolla) I cut through the parking lot at Carney Elementary School just as a school bus pulled up to discharge some kids.

Crossing Joppa Rd at any time other than maybe 3:30 AM is hazardous at best.  Four lanes wide with a turning lane in the middle, the road seems to remind local motorists of the straightaway at the Daytona 500.  We're a couple of blocks from the speed trap enforcement area over by Spring Avenue, so any chance at a break in traffic is a break we appreciate.  I thought, "This will help me cross the road" as the bus driver put on the flashing red lights that clearly indicate all traffic must stop.

Well, guess what.  Yes, about 6 or 7 cars stopped to let the kids out safely, and allow this old kid with his canvas library sack to dodder across the road.  But two cars zoomed past the big yellow bus with lights aflash as if nothing else mattered but them getting to Wendy's before all the Mozzarella Chicken Supremes were gone. 

So, it's one of two things: either the drivers of these cars did not see the bus and the flashing red lights, or they saw them and did not care one whit about the law.  I mean, don't worry about me.  I've been jaywalking around here for a long time and I know how to avoid that rundown feeling, but the kids!  The kids!

I would bet next week's retirement check that these people, these two drivers, would hop up and down if they thought a pervert or a drug dealer was hanging around the schoolyard.  Anyone would be angry.  But kids had gotten off a bus, and the bus was flashing its lights, and they didn't even slow down, let alone stop.

Even moody actor James Dean knew better than to zoom around like that.

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