Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Toss this one around

I'm gonna cross some people up now and discuss a gun crime without getting into the gun aspect of it.  The Charles Village Pub is in Towson, been there a long time, and recently re-opened following a fire that completely burned it out a couple of years ago.  It's a very popular place, and it would seem that Mr Francis Minsung Kang, 26 years of age, had nothing better to do at 0205 hours early this past Sunday but to toss a bottle of Gatorade at a woman outside of the place.  A fight ensued, according to the narrative provided by the County Police, and Mr Kang ALLEGEDLY withdrew a weapon and fired five shots into a crowd of people, striking one man in the hand.

For his alleged efforts toward making this a better community, Mr Kang is currently a guest at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Towson, the town that knew me when, has changed a lot.  Used to be, the worst that happened on a Saturday night would be when a drunk would roll a bowling ball down the middle of York Rd.  But times are different now, and Mr Kang finds himself dining on county chow while awaiting trial.  This is not new to him, as a glance at the record will show. 

Crime Scene
But what really troubles me is the nonchalant attitude that several of Kang's friends show about the whole deal.  True, he has not been convicted of anything, but there seems little doubt that he was not at home reading Sylvia Plath while all this mayhem was taking place in Towson.  His friends just about broke their necks to write to the local Patch to say such things as:

 I know the "wannabe tough guy", I've known him since elementary school, and he is not a tough guy at all. He's a good guy; always has been. None of us have any idea what really happened just because we've read a news article. I don't mean to make excuses. He clearly lost his sh*t and that's not acceptable, and there have to be consequences for that, but he's been a good person as long as I've known him, which is a long time, so let's hope he's not in for too tough of a ride in prison, because if someone like him deserves that kind of suffering, than there's not many of us who don't.


 If you read the article, then you know a biased side of the story. Do not make an opinion, do not start makin stories, and do not believe what other ppl are sayin. He is a man who made a mistake, and is payin for it. This man is a good guy who i have known my entire life. Everyone makes mistakes, and yes, this was a big one. But there are multiple sides to every story, so dont go making assumptions just because you read an article, mostly of police statements. Who were not there during the altercation or shooting... If you were out numbered and in fear for your life, how would you react?!

OK.  First...spelling and grammar?  Second...friendship is great, and sticking up for your old grammar school chum is admirable, but only up to a point.  If your "friend" is accused of pulling out a handgun and firing into a crowd of people, and, his markmanship being what it seems to be, hitting one of them, please don't take the "well, you weren't there!" approach!

And finally, this bit of advice.  Friends, try to avoid the temptation to throw bottles of popular electrolyte-replacing sports drinks at people.  It will help you avoid that "out numbered (sic) and in fear for your life" feeling!

Can't anyone just go out and have fun and then go home in peace anymore?

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