Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Words can hurt

You have to wonder what in the devil is going on in this world when you read stories like this.  I read this yesterday, and it saddened me for hours to think that a fellow traveler here on Spaceship Earth could be this mean, this cold of heart.

This person - we'll just call her Katie - is a big fan of the New England Patriots football team, especially of their all-Pro quarterback, Tom Brady.  So, the other night when the local eleven beat the Patriots in the big Sunday Night Football game, Katie lashed out in the most vicious way one could imagine.

The hero for the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday was Torrey Smith, a second-year player fast becoming a fan favorite in Baltimore for his pleasant personality and his knack of running a long way down a football field and catching a ball thrown his way.  He scored two touchdowns and gained over 100 yards in the game, and it was all the more remarkable in that a lot of people wouldn't even have played.

At two in the morning on Sunday, Smith left the team's hotel downtown, after advising Coach John Harbaugh that he had received word that his younger brother Tevin had been killed in a late Saturday motorcycle wreck.  He headed for his family home in Virginia with Harbaugh's blessing, told to come back only if he cared to or felt able to play in the game that night. 

With what must have been an unbelievably heavy heart, he went out and played his game on Sunday, and because every once in a while, life is more like a movie, things turned out the way they did, and Torrey Smith smiled for the first time that day leaving the field.

Tevin and Torrey
Katie's heart must have been heavy too, and so she got out her phone or computer and twittered a tweet so vile that I'll not repeat it here, referring to Smith contacting his brother about the game.  I mean, her team lost, so let's not give credit to the winners!  Let's hurt them and try to drag them into the same gutter in which Katie's heart dwells.

So, you can go to the article and read her filthy words, but it won't cheer you up any to realize she might ride the same bus as you do one day. 

Meanwhile, people are contacting her employer, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  Hopkins is a world-renowned teaching hospital.  People from every corner of the globe come here seeking medical assistance and healing. 

And deep within the halls of that medical school works a woman whose heart beats with naught but malice and hatred toward a man whose only sin to her was to be on the winning side in a football game.

I wish her all the healing that her sick soul so clearly needs. 

A football game, for God's sake.

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