Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mr Fashion Advice

Hot a'mighty, what a "Hugh N. Cry" (as I once saw it written) there was right before the Olympics when it was revealed that the uniforms that the American athletes would be sporting as they paraded around London were made in China.  Remember?  Wow, what a commotion. Ralph Lauren made the uniforms, which is to say he designed them and then had the actual tailoring done in China.

Well sir, everyone from the water commissioner on up to the President of the United States and the man who wants to be the next one of them had something to say about this outrage.  Well, sources said that Willard "Mitt" Romney did not like hearing people remind them that when he was head cheese of the US Olympic team in 2002, he had the uniforms made in Burma, also known as Myanmar, also known as a human rights hellhole.

But leave it to good old "Smokey John" Boehner. The Speaker of the House decried the decision to outsource the uniforms.  “You’d think they’d know better,” he said.

This has been on my mind since the Olympics.  It really doesn't matter much to me where the uniforms were made.  I understand the political hay to be made off the issue, but since most people chattered about their ire via cell phones and computers and laptops made far far away from here, what the heck?
This did not have to happen
My objection is that the uniforms were made at all. Look at how weird they were!  Sort of like tour leaders at some industry exhibit at a convention of life insurance salespeople.  Do Americans wear berets?  Au contraire, ma cheri amour!  Do athletes need to wear ties? 

No one asked me, but they could have had all the athletes run down to WalMart and be issued a couple of pairs of Dickies® pants, some polo shirts and a denim jacket, and there you go.  Nikes for the land athletes, flip flops for the swimmers and divers. 

You wanted them to look like Americans, didntja?

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