Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Did he have to say this?

What I had in my hand
I went into a grocery store yesterday (big surprise, eh?) and I saw a manager-type guy speaking to a cashier.  I was waiting to pay, my nuts in my hand, and I heard this...

He said, "Oh? Have you heard the news yet?"

She said, "No, what's going on?"

He said, "You'll probably be hearing about it later...."

She said, (voice rising slightly with panic setting in) "Is the store closing or something???"

He said, "Well, I shouldn't say anything more...you'll find out soon enough..."

Well, now, that was pleasant, wasn't it? It's dangerous to play amateur psychologist, especially when I am so busy of late playing amateur electrician.  I know it's dangerous to read too much into things, but I think that the manager displayed what is most likely a type of passive-aggressive behavior.  At least, that's what we laypersons refer to as passive-aggressive behavior.   He darted into the garden of the young lady's thoughts, sowed the seeds of doubt and fear, and then, rather than sharing the truth as he knew it, withdrew into the shady corners, probably looking to find the dairy guy or a seafood clerk to rile up. 

I once heard the term "abrasive negavitism" and that's surely what this man was pulling.  The young woman was upset and sad after the man slithered away.  No one likes to be told that their job is about to be yanked out from under them, and to do that halfway is twice as bad, leaving her in such doubt.

Maybe this man has had a lot of bad news dumped on him over the years.  If that's the case, I'm sorry, but for the love of Pete, try not to spread the misery around like that.  There's enough worrying and fretting already going on around here.

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