Friday, September 14, 2012

Betting on a number

Everybody loves to watch cop shows and rescue shows and a certain amount of people devote time to listening to scanners, so they can hear about what the real police and fire/EMS people are up to in their town.

And outside of grabbing the garden hose when the neighbor's grill sets the hollyhocks on fire, most people can't know the thrill of putting out a fire.  Of course they can join a volunteer fire company...

And for very good reason, we don't allow each other to pretend to be police.  But  - here's a way you can put yourself in the shoes of a first responder, on his or her way to your house for an emergency call.  It could be a prowler, a medical issue, an oven on fire. 

They've been dispatched by the good folks at 911 and they hit your street and go to find the correct house...and your house number isn't marked!  Or it's in small brass numbers up above the front door, or someplace else equally invisible.

Here's what you time you're pulling up at the old hacienda with a car full of groceries, pretend you don't know which house is yours.  And all you know is the street and the numericals.  Is the number clearly posted, so the responders don't have to waste time figuring out which house is yours?

Seconds count.  So, please make sure.

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