Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tomato Soup

They call this kid "The Flying Tomato" because he has red hair...and redneck ways.

Shaun White is his name.  Apparently, he is a hero to those who are into skateboarding, snowboarding, bicycles, and video games in which an animated figure rides a skateboard, snowboard, or bike.

He's no hero to the Nashville Police Department, which had to respond to his overnight activities at 2 in the yawning this past Sunday.  Mr F. Tomato, apparently intoxicated, had busted up a hotel phone at the swanky Loews Vanderbilt, then pulled a fire alarm, requiring every other decent person in the hotel to get out of bed and go outside in their underwear because a 26-year-old who makes millions playing childish games just had to be childish.

In all the commotion, White tried to get away in a cab, only to be stopped by a hotel guest who told the driver police had been called. White kicked at the man before running away, say the cops, who also report that the man chased White.  It seems that the skateboarder's face had a slight collision with the other guy's fist.  His legendary sense of balance lost to the alcohol, White fell back and hit his head against a fence, police said.

Down at headquarters, this pillar of society was gracious enough to pose for a mugshot, displaying his newly-decorated mug.

Is White the first or last young, rich kid to make a fool of himself in public at 2 AM?  No. But let's hope this is the last time for him. 

You see, Mr. Tomato, when you pull a fire alarm, a signal is sent to the Fire Department and they send men and women running to the location to provide aid.  Sometimes, they are involved in a horrible accident on the way, and people are killed or injured.  Sometimes, other people in other locations really do need the help of the people who are tied up playing their part in your foolishness.

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