Sunday, February 5, 2012

There's Something About Marry

I happen to be a big fan of marriage, the vow to have and to hold, forever and ever, amen.  I'll admit that a certain amount of my fondness had to do with how lucky I have been in marriage.  As it happens, I married the most wonderful woman in the world, and we've had a lot of good times.  Even the bad times have tended to work out for the best, because as tough as it is to deal with sad news, it's a lot easier to handle when someone sweet is holding your other hand.

We know another couple; they've been married for years and they have a nice life going for them, too. They have helped out a relative in the most meaningful way possible, by taking her into their home, and they have worked on their respective careers while still bringing the important stuff - their togetherness - home every night.  Like all happy couples, they find the greatest joy in each other.  

And here's the part where I tell you, that other couple - Michele and Lee - are both women!  Imagine!  Two people in love, in happiness with the world and with each other, and just because they happen to be of the same gender, there are people willing to spend their evenings parading around the state capitol with protest signs protesting signs of same-sex marriage becoming legal here in the "Free" State.

Delegate Don Dwyer from Anne Arundel County is quoted in the papers as saying that he and his like-minded fellows are out to stop the bill from advancing in the Maryland House of Delegates by not letting it "out of committee," which means "don't let people vote on it."  He believes that he can stop the bill from coming to a vote among the citizens of Maryland.  Why he wouldn't want the people to be able to vote on it might be linked to a recent poll indicating that 49 percent of Marylanders would be okay with same-sex marriage.  I'm not going to mention what party Dwyer represents, but it's the same group of people who brought you Hoover, Nixon, Bush, Cheney, Bush, Gingrich and Reagan.  Open-mindedness is not a common trait there.
Notice how her eyes just mesmerize you

Another Republican in the state, Frederick County State Senator David Brinkley, says that Marylanders are uncomfortable with same sex marriage.  Well, cheer up. I have good news and glad tidings from a land called Reality.

Only people who want to marry a person of the same gender have to be concerned with this!  You see, no one is going to force anyone to get married to anyone.  You don't need to be comfortable or uncomfortable or any which way about someone else's living arrangements, sleeping arrangements, or who does what to whom while wearing what.  Every night when I lay my little head down to sleep, I say a little prayer for Peggy and the rest of the people I love, that they will be happy and healthy and fortunate, with God's great mercies.  And then I fall asleep for six hours, during which time I could not care less what's going on between two other human beings on our block, in our zip code and in the entire universe.   I mean, I was so glad when Bristol Palin found true love, because she married that nice fella and now look how happy they are! And Newton L. Gingrich, who is a living example of the value of good ol' fashioned marital stability.

I always ask the same question every time that people go on about how great it it has been that we have spent 140 trillion dollars, or whatever, on NASA so we could get some moon rocks.  What's it to me what goes on at the moon? 

A guy I used to know always defended the space program, saying that without it, we never would have had Corning Ware®, Tang®, and digital watches.

Shut me right up.

Now here comes the question I pop out every time the talk goes to why it's anyone else's business who marries whom: 

What's it to you?
I'll be right over here, sipping Tang out of Corning Ware, checking a digital watch to see how long it takes to get an answer.

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