Sunday, February 26, 2012

Itz 2 dummmm

It takes a mighty serious topic to get the Alabama House of Representatives to vote unanimously, and they found one: the issue of texting while driving, which is about as stupid a thing as a person can do.  I even think it's a dumber thing to do than speeding, but it's a close call. 

When you read the article about the Alabamans voting to make the practice illegal, you'll see that one fellow recently changed his mind about it all.  Imagine!  "I used to be for it, but I changed my mind."

I can take issue with the proposed ban on talking on a cell phone, especially with headsets or BlueTeeth.  After all, people talk while driving, with their spouse or girlfriend or girlfriend's spouse in the car.  People talk to the guy in that damn Oldsmobile ahead of them in the drive-thru line all the time, although he can't hear a word they're saying because he is listening to the Books On DVD version of "The Devil Made Me Do It - the Rick Santorum Story."  And look at what people do already as they drive...they eat cheeseburgers, they dip nachos, they shave, they apply eye liner..and that's before they even leave the driveway!

Not to generalize, but it's usually not pappy old guys like me who text while driving.  The texts we receive usually have to do with remembering to go the Credit Union or pick up some American cheese.  Cool, sleek, lovely young women: some of these are your serial texters. 

And the crazy thing is, they are so concerned about their health that they will text their BFF and tell her they are driving on the way to the gym.

If they get there.

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