Friday, February 24, 2012

Kitsch-en Nightmare

You'll want to make sure to be in front of a TV set (or set your DVR, if you're going to be in front of something else) at 8 o'clock tonight, Friday, February 24.  FOX will show the latest installment of Kitchen Nightmares, and this time it focuses on Baltimore's own Cafe Hon.

We talked about this place before and as it happens, both Peggy and I like the food and the ambiance there. The owner got in trouble with the city a couple of years ago over the matter of being required to have a sign permit for the ginormous flamingo that adorns the front of the joint.  All of the neighbors and all of the customers backed up the owner in this fight, which was soon handled when the mayor stepped in and "cooler heads prevailed," as rarely happens.

So, fresh off that public relations victory, Ms Whiting, proprietor of the Cafe Hon, tries to copyright the word "hon" and regulate anything corny or Baltimorey.  Predictably, people got royally peeved and the Cafe's business took a dip, so off to the rescue comes the Belligerent Brit, the Churlish Chef, Gordon Ramsay.

It didn't take a genius to tell her to drop the lawsuits and the legal maneuvering and get back to selling hot roast beef sammies with gravy, but let's tune in tonight and see how it all went.

Gordon Ramsay is available to help one and all with image problems.  I hear he's headed to Italy to work with a certain sea captain.

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