Monday, February 13, 2012


By now you have seen this commercial, unless all you watch is PBS or the Home Shopping Club Sandwich Channel. Seems like a good idea, to have three straight-out curt girls follow you around and criticize everything you do. If it makes you want to put that big gooey sandwich, or stack o' waffles aside, so much the better for the diet.

But outside of the dietary realm, wouldn't it be helpful to have three little helpers with us at other times?  Such as when we're tempted to be texting while racing through an intersection, trying to make it while the light is stale yellow, and trying to steer around the pedestrians and baby strollers in the walkway.   How great then it would be to have three beefy traffic cops in the Studebaker with you, growling "Dude, you could kill someone." "NOT smart!" "What are you, drunk, or crazy?"

Reaching into the toaster with a metal knife to retrieve that scorched-and-smoking slice of pumpernickel, it would be a nice reminder to have two electricians and the ghost of Benjamin Franklin: " 120 volts!" "You could get a shock!" "You could short out the toaster!"

Or when someone tries to warn you not to hold your cell over the stern of the boat while you try to get one more shot of Cousin Ingemar water skiing...when someone says "Be careful!" when you're sharpening a knife...when you go darting down the sidewalk to get the newspaper and you're certain that it's not icy...that's when you need advice.  

Kids in middle school know everything.  It would pay us all to listen. 

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