Monday, February 27, 2012


It's the end-of-winter doldrums period for America's celebrities.  Oh sure, it's Academy Awards time and time for new TV shows to be produced for this fall and all the spring movie releases ("Gone With The Wind II" starring Joe Pesci, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Dr Oz - in theatres soon!) are planned out. 

America is a fascinating country.  There are people living here who are willing to reach into their pockets and shell out money for a copy of the National
Enquirer, a publication of such indignity as to put a picture of Whitney Houston in her casket on its cover.

But after all, it is a World Exclusive, don't you know.  Scads of other magazines vied for this thanatological nightmare, but only the Enquirer had the werewithal to show you a photo of the late pop star, following in their ghastly tradition of doing the same for Elvis and John Lennon.

Extant celebrities are doing what all of them do in late February, which is to put on bikinis and have someone photograph them on the beaches of Mexico.  LeAnn Rimes, shown here, apparently will need to run around in the shower to get herself sudsed up, so ectomorphic is she.  And heaven knows, it's not like she is too busy entertaining people to take a minute to eat something. 
For regular people, taking a photographer to the beach is not part of our vacation routine.  Oh sure, someone always shows up with a camera, but that's just nutty Uncle Nutsy. He's like that.   

People start gearing up to become celebrities when they are very young, learning to sing and dance and tell jokes in an amusing fashion.  Then they get to be famous, or, worse, famous for being famous.  Along the way, they do all they can to get attention, and then, once they have attention, they demand to be left alone.

What a world.

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