Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wistful Vistas

Here is what it looks like to fly over our street:

And of course, I didn't do the flying.  This is from Google Maps.  I think they buy these aerial views from someone else, and I for one am tickled to death that I was not outside when they flew overhead with cameras clicking, rakishly clad in my boxer shorts and aging T-shirt, getting the newspaper out of the yard or something.  

That's our house, right in the middle on the left, and from the looks of things in the 'hood, it was the middle of the day and we were, most of us, at work, or out playing golf or babysitting the grandkids (Retirees Division.)  

But I was sort of bummed that the Google Street View camera chose not to come up our little court for a street view.  (Attention Googlers: the address is 1600 Pennsylvania Av, Washington DC 20002, if you want to come back.)  Why do I want them coming up our street? Because in other Googleviews, you get to see stuff like this here:

I cannot explain this one at all, but I'm pretty sure that's ET to the left of an atomic intergalactic raybeam from his home.

Dude here got his photo snapped and he was coming out of a porn shop.  Wife and kids got to be proud.
This one depicts either a crime in progress or that guy from Prison Break lost his house keys.  Or both.

And I just really can't explain this one at all.

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