Thursday, April 14, 2011

More about Geo. Huguely

This is stomach-turning stuff,  to  read of the preliminary trial down in Virginia for this brutish thug, this George Huguely, the thuggish brute who ALLEGEDLY beat Yeardley Love to death in a drunken jealous rage.  He even told the police when he was arrested last May that he "entered Love’s room and 'shook' Love, allowing her head “to repeatedly hit the wall,” according to a police affidavit. 

The lowest of the low
Now, of course, the lawyers are falling all over themselves to say that George didn't mean what he said when he said he caused her head to hit the wall.  And in the article, you see where the lawyers subpoenaed the wall to come to court and show itself.  I guess their charge to the jury will say, "You see, there are no dents in the wall. Therefore, our client could not have committed this crime, because it is not possible to shove someone's head into a section of drywall and not dent the drywall. So let's wrap this trial up and send George back to his life of debauchery."

Young George has a criminal record for this sort of thing.  As a rich young man from a prominent family, he has had plenty of opportunity to have been corrected, but no one in his family seems to have take the time to tell George Wesley Huguely V that his behavior was inappropriate.  In 2007, Huguely was charged with underage possession of alcohol in Florida, where his family owns a vacation home. In 2008, Huguely was arrested for public drunkenness and resisting arrest outside a fraternity house at Washington and Lee University; police had to tase him to subdue him.  For that, Justice really came down hard.  He walked away with a suspended sentence of 60 days and 6 months of probation, was fined, and was ordered to perform community service and take a drug treatment program.  In 2010, he got so enraged over Yeardley Love that he went to her apartment and may or may not have killed her, depending on how willing you are to believe the high-powered attorneys his family has sent to defend his indefensible actions.

From Wikipedia:

Huguely and Love dated briefly, but had broken up. At the Charlottesville police station, Huguely waived his Miranda rights and narrated graphic details of his assaulting Love, stating that he kicked open Love's locked bedroom door and "shook Love, and her head repeatedly hit the wall." Evidence that police seized from Huguely's apartment included two laptop computers, a spiral notebook, two white socks, bathroom and entryway rugs, and a Virginia lacrosse shirt with a red stain. Investigators are reportedly also following leads that could point to domestic violence between Huguely and Love, including: threatening e-mail and text messages that Huguely allegedly sent to Love post-breakup; a violent encounter between the couple that was broken up by several visiting lacrosse players from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and an incident in which Huguely attacked Love while drunk but did not recall having hit her. An unnamed student told the New York Daily News that Huguely and Love broke up after the drunken Huguely assaulted Love.

There seems little doubt that Huguely V is responsible for the death of this young lady, although his lawyers (and, I presume, his family) feel that since he didn't mean to kill her, why, isn't that just as good as actually not killing her? This is another case of a rich kid scoffing at all that is good and decent in the world, careening around drunk and pugnacious, and we can only hope that twelve Virginians see fit to lock him away from the rest of us forever and ever.

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