Friday, April 8, 2011

Come on Daddy; Come on Mom, I'm Your Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Charlie Bomb!

And so our Mr Charles Sheen has gone to Detroit with his Violent Torpedo of Truth and bombed.  But any good show biz kinda guy knows that you don't stick with a losing hand, so after being booed off the stage in Motown, Charlie headed for Chi with a new format to his show.  He cut back on the amount of video clips from his sordid life and stood on stage telling stories, weaving the tale of his fall from grace, and taking questions from the audience.

I should think that the main question on the mind of anyone in the crowd would have been, "What in tarnation am I doing here?"

It is a free country, so you're free to spend your hard-earned cash on anything you wish to.  But criminetti, all I ever hear is how tough things are, how people can hardly afford to put a roof over their head, clothes on their back and food on the table, and all along people in Detroit have enough loot to pay big bucks for a Charlie Sheen egofest?

Of course, the shows in Detroit, Chi and the planned ones for this week in Ohio somewhere are just the road company warmups for his big Radio City Sheenapalooza coming up. On, the average ticket to Sheen’s New York date went for between $125-$150 last week on their website. Yesterday, that average sale price sank to $80, and today, it’s closer to $50. An Orchestra seat at Radio City can now be had for $24, far, far below its face value.

Tiger blood! Get it?
I don't know what they paid in Detroit.  I paid $3.50 to see The Beatles, but there were no videos in that show.

And when the Detroit crowd started hitting the Boos, Sheen yelled, “I already got your money, dude,” and later added, “You paid your hard-earned money without knowing what this show was about.”

This show is about people who are willing to pay a lot of money to say they were in the same concert hall as Charlie Sheen.  And you know the crowd consisted of men men men men manly men men men!

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