Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not that far from Lake Wobegone

As I'm writing this, through the magic of time retrieval, it's yesterday, Saturday, and I'm listening online to KYMN radio in Northfield, Minnesota.  You can follow this link to listen to them too.  They play an eclectic mix of music, more old than new, and then the news guy comes along and talks about the news up there...and the weather.

He just said that by Sunday morning, they will have another 7 - 11 inches of snow on the ground to go along with the 4" they got last night.  And he casually mentioned that there was some question as to which of the next few nights would be the coldest - Sunday night or Monday night.  It was supposed to be around 10 - 15° below zero, both nights.

And then he went on to talk about Brett Favre, and the Vikings, and some other local goings-on.

I know it's a point that's been beaten into the ground, but I urge you and the people you love to listen to this station for a little bit, and then check out local Baltimore media when it snows two inches and the "boop-boop" alarm sounds and the crawl runs across the bottom of the screen and sheer undiluted panic is on the faces of everyone and in the voices of everyone and there's not a loaf of bread, jug of milk or roll of toilet paper to be found at the Bi-So-Lo. 

I bet they don't close schools in Minnesota for all this snow and 45-50 mph winds, and I wonder if their hardy citizenry listens online to our radio and is stunned to find that we close schools when it rains or gets real hot or it MIGHT snow later.

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Jeff said...


Thanks for finding us online. It's been quite a weekend here in MN. Northfield snow totals were 16-18 inches. Schools are back on today but no indoor football here, the storm got the best of our metrodome (snow is HEAVY, especially when shoveling!). This was a storm we'll be talking about for awhile!

Jeff Johnson
Owner, KYMN Radio