Thursday, December 2, 2010

All Wet

Used to be, a certain amount (over 8") of snow was enough to send Baltimore and surrounding counties into spasms of fear and panic.  Then, because everyone saw everyone else rushing out to buy the essentials for life as we know it (bread, milk, toilet paper) every time they called for so much as a flake of snow to land in the road, the area just declared that any amount of snow - even just in the forecast, not even on the ground yet! - was sufficient to induce paroxysms of nerves and twitching in the general public. 

Would that we could go back to those easygoing days.  The new problem is that the city goes into a sweatfunk because it's raining, or going to rain, or it might. I tell you, you never saw anything like it.  The new thing is, the weather forecasters now have the ability to predict how much rain will fall, and, armed with that information, people just crazy go nuts to think of two inches of liquid hell befouling their ride to work or Aunt Martha's.

Will not kill you!

Life can be so simple if we'd just let it be.  When it's dark, turn on the headlights.  When it's cold, turn on the heater.  When it's raining and the streets are wet, drive a little more slowly. 

And then, when you get to where you're going, please, someone tell me why all children must sit in a car at the school bus stop when it's raining.  There's nothing a kid going to school wouldn't love more than arriving there soaked to the gills, but we're taking that away from our hermetically-sealed youth. 

And they said it might snow a little on Saturday.  Just sayin'.

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