Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another year over, and a new one just begun (almost)

Well. I was talking to a friend the other night, and she pointed out that many, many people have said that 2010 was a horrible, suck-o year and could not wait for it to be over.  I'm not going to be able to disagree with that assessment of the year we are about to close.  I had something go wrong with my back last New Year's Eve which led to a lot of doctorin' and physical therapy and a wonderful surgical solution in September, and I'm getting back to normal now.

Slight pause for those who wish to raise the question of my normality.

Peggy had a horrible bout with the dad-blasted shingles in the summer, and to see such an angel in pain was tough.

And then there was all that running around and doing this and that and we vow that 2011 will have a slower pace, or we'll just have to pull over to more of the rest stops along life's highway.

But when I add it all up, it's simple math: would I rather be here with an aching back or not be here at all?

And that's so easy, even I can answer it.  The sign out front of a church near us says it well: God never promised smooth sailing, just easy landings.  Things will turn out all right, and even when they're not going so well, the people you meet that will help you get things better are outstanding.

The other night, we were with Mom in the emergency department of one of our leading hospitals. I won't mention the hospital by name, but its initials are GBMC. It was the night before Christmas Eve, and all through the health house, plenty of creatures were stirring.  All of them were kind, friendly, professional, and caring,  There were 20 patients in there at the time, and we were all made to feel as if the entire hospital was there to serve just us.  Once Mom was admitted for observation, we were able to leave, feeling that she was in good hands.

Good people all around, and to those of you who have made my life the interesting journey that it's been, my thanks, and my wish for a happy and healthy holiday season.  For those who will be there in the future, I can't wait to tell you some stories!

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