Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Can We Go On?

Another stunning blow to our civic pride landed squarely on the chin this week, with the news that our beloved fellow citizen Jenna Bush Hager and her husband Henry have moved out of their corner rowhouse down in Federal Hill.  Graceful and elegant, Jenna left a great impression on her fellow Baltimoreans during their all-too-brief stay in Charm City.

The Hagers - Jenna and Henry

The Hagers - Jim and Jon
The Washington Post says they have moved to New York City, which will make it a tough commute for Henry, who will continue to work for Constellation Energy, a leisure service of Baltimore Gas & Electric.  Reasons for the move include: they miss her twin sister Barbara, who works there, and of course there are Jenna's thorough, concise, news-breaking reports on the Today Show, right in there along with more ways of grilling salmon, and birthday salutes to centenarians. So she quit her teaching job in Baltimore to move to the bright lights of the big city.  But we'll always have our memories of the Hagers.

Highlights of the couple's two-year residency in South Baltimore included the time the van in which their Secret Service protection detail was towed away by city police for unpaid tickets, and the time someone broke into their garage and ripped off their mountain bikes.
Now she can get back to her roots

I dunno; I guess I always figured that if they moved away, they would have gone to Hagerstown.

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