Monday, December 27, 2010

Happens Every Sunday

It's almost trite to write about it (as if that would stop me anyway) but is there some sort of law, some written regulation, that requires both of the following to occur at least twice during any televised football game?

He did this a lot yesterday
Scenario 1:  Quarterback throws interception, heads for sideline shaking head. Opposing team, given ball deep in opponent's territory, scores in about two or three plays.  Result: quick camera cut to errant quarterback, who will be wearing the requisite twin looks of disconsolation and affirmation.

Scenario 2: Wide receiver makes thrilling sideline catch, gets run out of bounds, and knocks down photographer or random official or semi-official sideline guy.  Cool thing is for the receiver to help the guy up.  Rarely happens.

Topic 2 for today: my newfangled clock radio that plays my iPod or the radio or a buzzzzzzzzzz to wake me up.  After my 17 false attempts at setting the alarm, Peggy came in and read the NOTE in the foldout instruction manual - a NOTE which I had not bothered to read.  It says, paraphrasing here, that the alarm will come on at zero volume and then increase, to awaken one gently from the arms of Morpheus.  I prefer to be awakened abruptly, like when the guy behind me at a red light honks his horn when that light goes green.  There doesn't seem to be an adjustment for either of them anywhere.

Gently yours,


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