Thursday, December 30, 2010

Meet the Little FOXers

On Election Day, 2008, I was conversing with a high-school dropout of my acquaintance.  He was surprised to find that I had a) voted and b) voted for Barack Obama for president.

"He's a (sic) Arab terrorist ," claimed the young man who remains to this day a stranger to knowledge.

And then I heard the voice of Daniel Stern, who narrated "The Wonder Years," and that voice was saying, "That was when I realized that Barack Obama could find a cure for cancer and disenchantment, heal the divisions that pain us all, and find a suitable comeback vehicle for Joe Piscopo, and there will still be those who heap disdain and scorn upon him."

When we saw the news over the past weekend  that the president had contacted the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles football team, congratulating Jeffrey Lurie for giving Michael Vick a second chance at employment, I knew what was coming next.

We've talked about this Vick thing before.  No one - not even Michael Vick - is claiming that his prosecution and 21-month jail term were wrong, and that's quite the rarity in criminal circles.  But no matter where you stand on dogfighting and the abuse involved therein, you have to accept our justice system. Vick did the crime, and then he did the time, and according to everything we hold dear, he is now entitled to go back and try to pick up his life from where he left it.

And let's face it; Vick's job skills were in greater demand than those of the average felon just out of the Walled-Off Astoria, although the Eagles were really the only team that made him any kind of substantial offer.  And as life would have it, Vick is now a better passer, teammate and leader than he ever was before he went up the river.  No one would have predicted this, and therefore the Eagles are to be commended for giving him his second chance.

Right?  Right.

And speaking of the right, FOXNEWS has come out against the president making a phone call.  And to hear what their anchor, Megyn Kelly, has to say about it (clip is here), you would think that the president called the Eagles to congratulate Vick for being so brutal.

Saved By The Bell - The College Years
It reminds me when Lewis "Scooter" Libby, late of the staff of Dick "Scooter" Cheney, committed a crime and outed a member of our country's national security staff, exposing that person to danger and ruining her career.  Libby's sentence was commuted by one-time President George "Scooter" Bush, who said that Libby had paid enough of a price, what with his legal bills and all.

Libby never set foot in a prison, thanks to Bush, the darling of FOXNEWS.   But that was ok by them.  Just don't give anyone else a second chance without sniping behind their back about it.

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