Thursday, December 16, 2010

Death and Taxes

By now everyone on the planet has seen the video of the crazy man shooting up a meeting of a Florida school board.

Since everyone has seen it, is there ANYONE who can explain to me why this man, this Clay Duke, who had a criminal record and a long history of mental instability, was not incarcerated or hospitalized as a clear danger to society? 

And why was he allowed to own a gun, let alone walk around with one in his pocket? 

His second wife, Rebecca, said he was a "gentle giant" and must not have been shooting to hit the school board members, because he was an excellent shot.
But things just got to be too much for him, she said.  Taxes and everything else.

There are only two things you're never going to get away from, and they are death and taxes.  The latter led this man to the former.

And if anyone thinks he is alone...that there are not more people like him walking around with guns in malls, school board meetings, rec centers, grocery stores, hospitals...well, better think again.

When the Wild Wild West was really wild in this country, they used to call the Colt .45 revolver the "great equalizer" because it made every man who owned one capable of murder with one squeeze of the trigger. 

What if this gentle, deranged giant had not been so charitable as to shoot to miss those people in Panama City, Florida? 

How many more shootings is it going to take before we do something?  My family, your family, we don't want to live in fear that some guy will snap and harm us over something not even our fault.

People are hollering about the TSA.  I'm starting to think we need checkpoints at every public gathering place. 

It's scary.  I love living too much to want to die.

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Anonymous said...

What's more disturbing is that he thought a mass murder would get his wife her job back. Apparently he was planning this for a while and no one thought anything was wrong. This guy should have been on a very short leash and no anywhere near weapons. And yet the gun nuts, like the NRA, will object to this.