Thursday, November 18, 2010

Watch your English

One of the many reasons why we as citizens of the United States of America could give two shillings and a tuppence about the impending marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is...

And then there's.......

Of course, no such list would be complete without remembering...

Ah, forget it. I got nothing.  The only possible explanation must be that as Americans, descendants of people who got on a rickety boat to sail away from royalty and all that it entails, we somehow miss royalty and all that it entails. The interest and devotion that English people lavish upon the royal family is a wonder to me. They who often have very little comfort and luxury still happily do without, so that Lady Frothinghamshireland can have fresh strawberries flown in for a party in the middle of winter, and Lord Wellingtonwilberforce can have diamonds attached to the tips of his shoelaces. 

The English people, who so valiantly fought the Nazis in World War II - a war that came to their country with the bombings of London - are remarkable and honorable and wonderful and worthy of praise and respect.  Their nation is rich in culture and history and is home to some of the greatest people who ever walked this earth.  So, if they want to devote attention and funds to the maintenance of the class structure that keeps most of them down and very few of them far above the madding crowd, far be it from us to harsh that. 

But this is America, land of those who couldn't swing with their system, home of the free and the brave.  We don't have royalty, for good reasons. 

Try telling that to Entertainment Tonight and the other TV shows that record the exploits of showbiz luminaries.  How the Royal Family came to be regarded as entertainment figures does not add up with me, althought it is said that Prince Charles plays a pretty mean guitar and Camilla can dance like nobody's business.

I wish these two crazy kids all the best of love and luck, and I guess we'll send them a fondue set if we are invited to the nuptials, but beyond that, I'm not too interested.  I'm open to hearing from those who would convince me that I should pay more attention to Lord and Lady Fingers, but you have a lot of convincin' to do!

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