Friday, November 5, 2010

Dancing in the dark

After this, which I just have to get off my hope chest, I am going to take a break from talking and writing about politics.  For as long as I can stand not to!

But, let's read this and talk it over: (from the Washington Post)

Too busy dancing, Bristol Palin didn't vote

Bristol Palin apparently isn't swept up in the Tea Party frenzy along with mom Sarah Palin. She didn't vote. But who can blame her? Week after week, she's been her own Tea Party -- the improbable, unqualified, ostensibly unelectable wild card who keeps defying all odds by making the "Dancing with the Stars" cut.
On Wednesday, Palin -- daughter of the one-time GOP vice presidential nominee and erstwhile governor of Alaska -- admitted to Inside Edition, "I did not send in my absentee ballots to Alaska." 

"I'm going to be in trouble," added Palin in an interview set to air Wednesday. "Sorry, mom!"

And mom may indeed be a bit steamed since Tea Partier Joe Miller, whom she endorsed, looks to have been shut out of a Senate race by write-in candidate Sen. Lisa Murkowski. 

Asked if she'd support her mom for a 2012 presidential bid, Palin replied "I know she is great, and she is great for our country."

Well, look.  Why pick on Bristol?  Surely she is doing the best she can.   Which ain't much, but still.

But if you're thinking about voting for the 1/2 governor for president any time soon, bear in mind that Sarah's grasp of civic responsibility is so slight that it didn't even trickle down to her oldest child.  I say, if you don't vote, you don't have a thing to say about how the country is going, and if you don't teach your children the importance of voting, then I just don't know about you.

And for the sweet love of King Salmon, will someone tell this child that you only get one ballot?  "I did not send my absentee ballots..."  Just how many times did she not vote this year?

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