Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's have sox

It's no surprise to me that if one Googles "wool sox," one gets 644,000 responses, or one for every call I have had from a mortgage lender or credit card service that is NOT out to sell me anything. 

For the months of December, January and February - the "fearsome threesome" of Baltimore weather - you can't beat a nice pair of wool sox for keeping the old dogs warm.  And they're great on your feet, too.

You can't beat them, but often, you can't find them.  Go to Target, WalMart, KMart, Macy's, Costington's...they don't have wool sox.

They have all sorts of heavy, burly "winter sox" or "boot sox" or "outdoor sox," but these are sox innocent of any connection with a sheep, except that their makers ought to feel sheepish for suggesting that any polyster/acrylic/rayon blend, which for all I know means the fabric is spun from recycled Diet Sprite bottles and old grocery bags, could be as warm as a sock made of 80% wool with a little sumpin' else to keep the shape together.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can try all the Moc-a-Sox and "fleece"-lined slippers and manmade substitutes you wish, but I wish you'd take it from me: there is nothing like a warm wool sock when it gets chilly. 

It's a shame that you need to go to OutDoor Ernie's or Mr Camper or Tents, Tents and More Tents to find wool sox, but it's worth the trip!  Just tell 'em a snug happy gentleman sent you...and so did I!

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