Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Breaking up is hard to do. That's why I don't do it.

But we just transferred our prescriptions from Safeway, where we never go for groceries anymore anyway, to Walgreens, which is close enough for me to walk to on my nightly perambulations.

It made no sense to keep running to the Safeway every time we needed a refill on something. It's the opposite direction from where either of us goes to work now, and again, the food and deli there really just bite it these days, so it's not as if we would be there loading up on pastrami and yogurt.

But I just have to tell you, dear Diary, I felt a little odd standing there in Walgreens when we told the guy we were going with them for our Rxes. He was very reassuring, said these things happen, and didn't seem to be judging us. Still, I felt like we were checking into some sleazebag motel for an hour of untrammeled conjugality or something, and my thoughts raced to the pharmacy staff over at Safeway, getting the call that we were leaving them after over ten years. Did they feel...jilted? Abandoned? Were they bereft? Disconsolate? Did they say, "If only they had CALLED or something...we could have worked this didn't need to come to THIS!"

Maybe we should have sent a card. I'll see if Walgreens has one to cover this sort of thing.

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