Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sanford and Sin

South Carolinians - heck, anyone interested in some exotic, spicy Hot Gov Love can just on the link below
to read the slightly expurgated adventures of a man who is at once governor and farmer, Christian and avid extra-marital fornicator, husband and playboy. Really, to quote the Bible in an email to the woman you just cheated with takes a certain talent. I'm glad that not more of us have that talent.

The link takes you to the emails sent between soon-to-be-former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and "Maria," the woman about whom he so rapturously rhapsodizes. I just don't know what appalls me more - the cheesy content or the horrible grammar and spelling. "Maria" clearly is using English as a second language, so we can excuse her poor spelling and verbal miscues.

Governor Sanford, who is both a member of the party that stresses wise use of taxpayer dollars and yet someone who flew into the arms of Maria's exotic delights on the taxpayer dime last summer, is also not thoroughly familiar with the rudiments of English; this much is evident from seeing his spelling "lightning" as "lightening." He did manage, one assumes with the help of SpellCheck, to spell "Corinthians" right, but again, quoting the Bible to your tootsie-on-the-side is so... sketchy!

People tell me all the time that emails written in the full flow of a steaming stream of consciousness should be sent without taking the time to check spelling or grammar. Ths is why iget emials tht look liek this sentence. It's vexatious, and bespeaks the same personal ethos of someone who leaves the house without taking time for niceties such as deodorant, bathing, and other grooming. I don't know; it just seems that it's better to groom our words just as carefully as our coiffures than to dash off any half-fast emails and letters.

Your girlfriend in Argentina expects the best of you!


Ralph said...

Did you really post this at 3 AM???

I am known for a touch of guilty-pleasure voyeurism and tried reading these for the dirty thrill, but they sent me nowhere. Clearly they need to take a few lessons from Charles and Camilla.

Peggy said...

I don't know, it seems like it's Michael Jackson or the Governor these past few days. What happened to the coverage of Farah? So sad!