Monday, June 15, 2009

Friendship means: a) support b) caring c) kindliness d) concern

I enjoy writing, and I have said that even if I thought that no one ever read my daily meanderings, I would still crank them out anyway. But it's so much better to know that someone is out there and that people care.

I've been friends with Carol since, what, 8th grade when she sat behind me in Mr. Luette's class, and I have enjoyed being her friend. She and her husband Rob have been very nice to us! Carol mentioned once that Rob made it a point to read this blog in the morning (they live in a place in Florida where there are much more interesting things to do and see than what I think about Oprah, but anyway, thanks, Rob!) And then last week when my old computer went down for the count, Carol emailed me just to make sure that all was ok with us and the family, since she knew I was making it a point to write every day.

You can't begin to know how much that meant to me! I got the email last Saturday when Peggy and I stopped at her office so I could check my email on a pc that actually worked, and the thought that someone would take the time to write and see how I was just put me over the moon.

And now that I am back in Blogolopolis, I can share something that Rob and Carol sent to me just before the dreaded crash. It's a clipping from Reader's Digest that mentions a website called, and I urge you to click on it and play along. Simply by matching a word with one synonym out of a list of four, players contribute grains of rice through the UN World Food Program. I've been going there every day, piling up the rice for those in need.

I'd be much obliged if you'd join me there, and I'm much obliged to Carol and Rob for caring so kindly. I can see where this could be a mean, cold world without friends and their love. I thank my Creator that I don't have to know what it would be like to go without it!

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Peggy said...

I will do that!