Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Former Disc Jockey Mounts High Horse

I'm not about to open the can of worms known as the ongoing abortion debate. Whatever your opinion, you are entitled to it, as I am entitled to mine.

Whatever the current laws allow or disallow, we all have the right to a) obey them or b) seek to have them changed if we disagree with them.

There is no, "c) go around killing people who are doing things you don't like."

Killing someone for what you call murder? Oh no, now we're into the capital punishment debate.

And while I'm up here on this high
horse...we are living in a culture that accepts murder very casually. We don't like what people are doing in some distant land, we send people to kill them.

We see people commit murder on city streets and get off virtually scot-free, with laughably short sentences and no recrimination.

Then children kill another child on a suburban street and we shake our heads, wondering why the young hold life in such low regard that they would take away the life of another so unfeelingly.

Wherever did they learn to be so

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Peggy said...

Don't you just love the look on his face????