Friday, June 12, 2009

It Could Be Verse

In the past week, I have had cataract surgery (successful), had my cell phone sporadically turn itself off for no discernible reason, had my computer take a permanap, bought a new computer that did not work at all, bought another new computer, dealt with a blocked oil duct in a location where nothing ought to be blocked if-you-catch-my-drift and, while taking a leisurely ride to our favorite bookstore on Sunday to take my mind off all this other michegas, had the CHECK ENGINE light illuminate the dashboard of my pick-'em-up truck, taunting me with its "This is gonna cost you plenty, buddy boy" insolence.

Total cost of all this comes to just under $150,000,000, rounded off.

But it doesn't bother me at all. My eyes work fine again and I can see things I haven't seen in years. Verizon replaced my cell yesterday, gratis. The new computer rules, and the 24 inch screen that looms in front of me now can show me images of such stunning beauty as to render me speechless. The oil duct is just ducky now. The good people at Jones Toyota fixed up the pickup and my Stewie bumper stickers and I are careening down the road right past your house this morning. Wave and holla!

But a couple of kids we love brought us a painted shell from the Ocean, just for us. I am so touched by this gift; it fills my heart with joy.

And I have the steadfast love of a woman so amazingly devoted to me that all she did all week was help me deal with all the above.

Little Jimmy Dickens used to sing a song in which he lamented his day-to-day problems, but summed it up singing, "It don't worry me, 'cause I love Lucy Brown."

I love Lucy too, but her name is Peggy and she really came through for me this week. I don't deserve her, but I thank my stars for her.

Oh, we'll talk about the eyes and the computer and the truck, but first things first. Glad to be back. I missed you!


Anonymous said...

I will show the kids your blog today when I get home Don't know if Peggy told you we had to go through 37 shells till the right one was agreed on..

Ralph said...

Hi, Mark! Been somewhat up to date via Facebook but only somewhat. And all this time I thought it was just your computer! Welcome back, safe, sound, and whole.

Peggy said...

Thank you so much for your lovely words! You are the sweetest, the best, and I'm glad the week is finally coming to an end and things are looking up now!