Thursday, June 18, 2009

Come and Listen to my happy song

In the movie Clueless, protagonist Cher asked her stepbrother how long he had been listening to "complaint rock." That was the 80's form of folk rock, or protest rock, from the 60's. Eve of Destruction! Masters of War! Only a Pawn in their Game! Everyone's Gone to the Moon! And of course, In The Year 2525!

At least those songs had to do with putting an end to social injustice, racism, war, and other harmful things. There came later a subgenre of complaint rock: the dreaded Oh Lord How Hard It Is To Be a Rich, Famous Musician theme.

You heard these songs everywhere! Pre-Road Downs. Homeward Bound. Hollywood Nights. Travelin' Band.

Did you ever wonder why people would go out and buy a record about how hard it is to be a rich and famous entertainer? I always thought it seemed like a fairly appealing lifestyle, especially for those still young and energetically libidinous, to fly from town to town, work an hour or two at night, attend parties, get catered to like nobody's business, stay in swanky hotels, eat what you want when you want to...and that's not to mention that they were quite well paid. You notice, very few of these people laid down their guitars or synthesisers and took up positions as apprentice welders or parimutuel clerks.

It's like a wise man told me years ago: you can pay some people $700 a week to work as mattress testers, and they'll still find something to complain about.

I like my job and I wouldn't be able to make much of a song about how tough my life is. Life is sweet and I love it - hope it's the same for you!

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Peggy said...

That was nice, and I agree with what you said!