Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Uncle Mark's Cabin

If you're on Facebook, you might have seen this.  It's one of many brain teasers that people post for each other to noodle over.

The deal is, would you spend a month in this rustic cabin?  It doesn't say where it is, so all we can do is hope that it's not out in Oregon, where a band of misguided "patriots" is showing how unpatriotic they are by complaining about people having to go to jail for burning up federal land. 

I mean, really.  A patriot follows the law.

But there is no internet, tv or cell service. So, you would really be cut off from the world, since I doubt that there would be a good newspaper on your doorsill every morning.  

And how bad would it be to avoid hearing about a bloviating, hirsute real estate mogul and his insane rants?  Would you really miss seeing "CSI: Cincinnati" or any of the 27 other hourlong dramas that show completely unreal versions of people's jobs? Or any of the completely unreal reality shows?  

I would miss Facebook and the NFL playoffs.  Peggy would miss "Downton Abbey" and "Supergirl." 

And you.  I would miss you.  But in a month, we would have a $100,000 worth of party.  Pass that caviar right on over my way, would you please?

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