Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, January 2, 2016

If you're like me, until this very minute you thought that when wolves traveled on foot, as it were, they just got in a line and wandered from place to place.  And now I can share what I just read: there is a hierarchy in the line. All wolf pack lines are single-gender and all are led by either the alpha male or the alpha female of the gang. Along the way the older and sick wolves are in the middle, and they are protected by abler animals.  The last guy or gal in the line is the "omega" wolf, the schlemiel of the group, who gets picked on and does not associate socially with the others.  If you can understand how this works, you may now offer socializing advice to people in middle school.
All famous pictures have scenes leading up to them.  The famous picture of Lou Gehrig saying farewell and considering himself "the luckiest man on the face of the earth" was taken during his speech, but if the photographer had been there earlier, we would see a picture of Lou buttoning up his jersey for the last time.  And here are the Beatles getting ready to pose while crossing Abbey Road.
Any skiers out there, getting itchy for snow?  Maybe this will help!

Bread! Wonderful, tasty, carb-o-licious bread!
I think it's always time to read.  Pull up a chair and a cup of tea, sit in one of them, and read a book!  Even though none of these are my particular cup of tea, it's still a good idea!
We live in a country with so much abundance that some residents have taken to fretting about whether their organic, 127-grain artisan bread was sliced on a slicer that also slices plain ol' white bread.  Better slice it yourself than have it contaminated by crumb cooties from crummy bread.  Good heavens, what a country.
I've seen this photo done before and it never fails to make me smile.  Just get a camera with a timer setting, set it for "winter, spring, summer and fall" and come back later for a really cool shot!
Someone with a good imagination will come along and figure out what to do with all the public spaces that used to hold pay phones. Meanwhile, every time I see one of these former dime-phone spots, I always wonder which stranger passing by at this exact second would let me use his or her cell phone if mine suddenly went up and I needed to call someone.

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