Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, January 23, 2016

One of my favorite snacks has always been pumpkin fact, I like them like this: plain, unsalted.  Mixed up with sesame stix and peanuts, that's a protein-packed power boost for that afternoon slump.
To mark the passing of David Bowie, someone took time to map out the flow chart for his song  "Modern Love." 

I love red socks, but can't find red WOOL socks, and in the wintertime, I like wool to keep my dogs warm.  But here's a classy move by NFL Network guy Michael Irvin...his face on his socks.
A regular feature of old gangster movies was when some hood carried a violin case that contained a machine gun.  Well, here's a weapon to charm instead of harm - a dog in a guitar case!
Mother Nature seems to outdo herself to make vegetables all pretty, and yet we cook them anyway!
And the cats said, hey, what about a cool way to tote us around, huh?
Yes, there was a time in America when the worst problem that could befall a person was to have stankbody, or "B.O." Fortunately, every stinker always seemed to have a friend to tell him or her just what to do about it.
Ahoy!  It's the Queen Mary, aye aye.  And tell me you weren't thinking of Titanic and wondering if there were enough lifeboats...or Lifebuoys!

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