Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, January 16, 2016

Everybody is talking about this sort of picture, and I just thought I would try it out and show you my first shelfie.
The things people do to each other! Food pranking is a very dangerous business.
Great idea for a piece of leftover bread that was only going to go stale anyway...hang it outside the window, feed a birdie, and get a great picture.
Sometimes I think about what I would order for lunch if there were a WaWa right across the street from me.  The Italian Hoagie comes to mind, and stays there.
For those who like a funny rebus...say it aloud!
Today's modern drug smuggler is resourceful, stuffing fake carrots with real weed, but man, those are the fakiest-looking fake carrots I ever saw!
The really great thing about having a high-tech camera with a high-speed lens is, you are ready to go when someone says, "What I need is a picture of a drop of milk hitting a cup of coffee."
An Omaha police, on patrol near the scene of a pub fire's aftermath, found much better traction on four hooves than on four radial tires.

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