Thursday, January 28, 2016

Doctor! Doctor!

Ah, what a difference a few days can make.  Especially when those days have been filled with good solid advice from people whose life's work it is to take a bag of chicken waste and turn it into chicken salad.

We're speaking about Dr Anjali Ramkissoon, resident in neurology at a Miami hospital, who flipped out on an Uber driver a while back because he had been called by someone else and refused to transport her.  So she kneed him in the proverbials, smacked him, and got into the car anyway, tossing dozens of papers out of the car into the street.

You saw all this on the morning news shows, because one fact of modern life that Dr Ramkissoon has not learned yet is that virtually everything we do nowadays is recorded on video on someone's phone or surveillance camera.  

So she breaks bad on the poor guy trying to make a buck at night hauling drunken Miamians around, and gets suspended from her job.  Until the website tracked her down in a $2,000/month 41st floor apartment, no one had heard more from her.  Oh, she had heard plenty from the citizenry, and said people had been calling her cell and threatening her family: “Everybody’s been harassing my mother and my old neighbors but they won’t talk to them. I’m trying to stay under the radar with a few friends. I didn’t realize this was going to be such a big deal."

And then..she said this: "I don’t even know when I’m going to get back to work. I’m getting a lawyer and a public relations firm but I don’t know if it’s going to do any good.

“I’m not sure I deserve what’s happening."

Well, the doctor must have met with her lawyer and her brand-new public relations firm, because yesterday, she went on Good Morning America, and like any other virtuoso, she knew it was time to sing a different tune.

Penitence poured from her like syrup on a waffle as she almost-tearfully told George Stephanopoulos that all this came at the end of a difficult day.

She said her father was put in the hospital earlier that day, so naturally, as a doctor, she realized that her duty and personal responsibility was to go barhopping with her boyfriend.

And then she broke up with her boyfriend.

Dr Ramkissoon in action
So the 30-year-old doctor went out and misbehaved on the street.

And now she says, "There’s absolutely no excuse for my actions,” Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon. I’m ashamed. I’m so sorry. I’ve hurt so many people."

If you ever happen to be compiling a list called "Things I Don't Want To Hear From The Physician Who Treats My Central Nervous System," place this one at the top:

"In the moment I was just so angry, I wasn’t really thinking. If I could take it back I would."

It would appear that the pr people have coached Dr Ramkissoon in how to appear all sorry and stuff because her career is in limbo. And it is true, she has invested a great deal of time and money in her medical training.

I suggest that she take that medical training and ask for a year's unpaid leave from the hospital, and go to a neighborhood in need of medical services, spending her days and nights treating and healing the ill.

And herself.  

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