Thursday, January 21, 2016

Draw one for me

I know this weekend's plans call for heavy snow, followed by small children on sleds. But what are you doing on Saturday, July 23?

Eagle-eyed reader Dennis Schroeder, of lovely Prince Frederick, Maryland, recommends that we all hop on the Greyhound bus and trek to Milwaukee, to attend the 2016 version of Milwaukee Firkin Fest that day.

I know the word firkin doesn't spark a lot of interest, but perhaps it will when you learn, as I did, that a firkin is a small cask or barrel for storing ale.  A firkin holds about 9 gallons of beer, which is roughly a quarter of a full barrel.

It's like Woodstock, with fewer people
and more beer
If you go to the website, you'll see they really do go on about beer barrels in Milwaukee.  Since there are only three ways I can stand to drink beer, I don't really get into the barrel it comes in, but whatever they want is fine with me.

Greyhound will take you there and bring you back home for $84, according to their website.  You'll be coming back with an ear full of zydeco music by the band Zydeco Voodoo, a belly full of beer, sausage, pretzels, and deep-fried cheese curds, and a hand that holds a commemorative pint glass, your souvenir of your big Weekend in Milwaukee.

There are regular tickets, VIP tickets ("free food from 3 - 4:30") and designated driver tickets available.

The only trick the promoters missed out on is - there's no honeymoon package available! July is a big month for weddings, and what bride and groom wouldn't want to start off their married life with another snootful of Schlitz?

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