Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, June 27, 2015

You can't pull the wool over these peoples' eyes.  Sheep lovers are combing the Google Maps for pictures of sheep, and you can go here: to make up your own yarn.
This week's album cover is a new one from Nellie McKay (she was born in Scotland, so you pronounce her surname mcKYE).  She brings music to us on her ukulele and piano and her amazing voice. There are cover versions of some great old songs on here, and remember, she's the woman who told Garrison Keillor he looks just like Grumpy Cat, so she is not without a fine sense of humor.
My friend Jennifer Waldera had a rebus on her FB page and it reminded me of a time when Rebusmania gripped the nation and everyone was running around with quotations spelled out in words and pictures.  It didn't last for very long.
In Africa, they have a saying, "It's not the size of the warthog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the warthog."  Stampy, Jr. here is about to back down.
90's supermodel Niki Taylor says her life was saved in 2001 after she was in a bad car wreck and needed lots of blood transfusions, so she is paying it back by working with the Nexcare bandage people to encourage us all to get with the Red Cross and drop off some blood.  I have done this 52 times over the years, and I often wonder who wound up with my type A+ coursing their veins and if any of them suddenly became a) Democrats  b) avid readers c) Orioles fans or d) supermodels.
Prices here at "Barts Eats" seem fair, although 95 cents for one onion ring seems a bit pricey.  I wouldn't eat Bo log na for any reason, and I wonder what the heck a "turkey log" might contain.
 Charleston. Nine doves.
I used to tell corny jokes, but that's all behind me now.  I just heard about a married couple that argues all the time.  He wanted her to repair the holes in his socks, and she wanted him to buy her a stuffed owl for her birthday.  Last I know, he was saying, "If you don't give a darn, I don't give a hoot!"  Owl see you next week!

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