Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, June 13, 2015

This just looks like a great place for a vacation - it's got everything! Swim in the lake, camp in the woods, go mountain climbing!
If there were no Ravens, and I had to choose a team to root for based solely on their colors and uniforms, I would choose the Cleveland Browns.  I love orange and brown - I have those colors of towels in my bathroom - and the colors say "fall" to me. But I hold no brief for Cleveland.  Did you know that if their basketball team wins the NBA Championship, that will be the first championship for a team from that city since 1964, when the Browns beat the Baltimore Colts for the NFL title?  Let's go, Golden State!
I thought that this showed the celebration in Cleveland when the Browns won that championship game, but no.  It's by an artist named Jan Steen, and it's called "Gamblers Quarreling" (1665.) You bet.
I used to prefer string beans to these guys, but now, I will take a pea any chance I get.
This is a picture from 17 years ago, and it shows Firefighter Mike Hughes, of the Wenatchee WA Fire Dept rescuing a little baby named Dawnielle Davison.  A classic reminder of what heroism really looks like.
This is a picture from one week ago, and it shows retired FF Mike Hughes at Dawnielle's high school graduation.  The two connected on Facebook and have remained friends with a great story to share!
Tony Bennett never sang all that well, for my money, but here is what his record company did for him in the 60's when the hits stopped coming his way: they made him record some songs currently popular for other people and slapped them onto an album with genuine Pop Art graphics designed to sell Tony to the young hip set, none of whom were interested in the slightest degree.  Is that really all there is?
This is one of those Magic Eye © photographs.  If you stare at the very center of the picture and sort of let your eyes go all kittywampus, you will eventually see the image of a horse appear!

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