Monday, June 22, 2015

Fun in the Workplace (49th in a series)

I used to work, and I'll admit to pulling out the old smartphone during slow moments, maybe posting one of my bon mots   on FB or catching a weather or news update.  No harm, no foul.

But if things were busy at work -if someone or some flu outbreak was setting the world on fire - I would always leave the Samsung in its little holster. It's just common sense, of which I have precious little.

And it was not my misfortune in life to wind up playing third base for the Boston Red Sox.  This year, they hired a fellow named Pablo Sandoval to watch line drives skittle past him and on into the left field corners at Fenway Park and other stadia. Sandoval, a former San Francisco Giant, has not been exactly setting the world on fire, or impressing the fans in Beantown with his lacklustre hitting, fielding or running.

You'd think he'd be looking up
conditioning tips on his phone instead
And then, last Thursday, the man known as "Kung Fu Panda" to his few remaining fans was shown to a seat on the bench from which he was to sit and watch his team play the Braves.  In other words, he was benched, because the night before, DURING THE GAME that his team was losing 5-2 to the Braves, Sandoval found it necessary to take his mind off that game and "like" some woman's photos on Instagram.  Follow him at kfp48.

Jared Carrabis, a Red Sox blogger for Barstool Sports, was also on IG at the time, but it's a little different for him, and he blew the old whistle on Sandoval, who, caught red-handed making a little red heart on the woman's pics, came clean and admitted his lack of attention to what he is being paid $95 million to do for the next five years.

John Farrell, manager of the Sox, probably would love to wash his hands of the whole underachieving overpaid team.  But you have to admit, this is funny.

So much so, I think I'll go "like" it.

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