Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's not just here

Apparently, the rest of the world has decided to become as goofy as America, so rest easy.  We are still the worldwide leader in nonsense legal proceedings.

Zhao Wei, seen here, is one of the most popular actresses in China. She is revered there for having large eyes, but it's those eyes that are the subject of a recently-filed lawsuit.

Her new show, which premiered in May on Chinese TV, is called "Tiger Mom," and, as the name suggests, it's about a "strong-willed disciplinarian mother" who pushes her daughter to excel in all things, especially school.

The unnamed litigant watches the show, and, as a result, has filed suit against Ms Wei, alleging he has suffered "spiritual damage".

The crux of his argument, which seems a touch flimsy, is that the actress stares at him too intensely through his TV, and that's why his spirit is damaged, but a little of her money will make it all better. A lot of her money will make it just great. She looks at him, and he is mesmerized.

There are new laws in China that make it easier to file crazy lawsuits (again, everyone wants to be like US!) and so the case has been filed in the Shanghai Pudong New District Court.

I have but two thoughts on this (don't sue me):

a) The rest of the world watches American shows and then deduces that all our moms are like June from Honey Boo Boo or Michelle Bob Duggar. Actually, they are all like either June Cleaver or Clair Huxtable.  Or Morticia Addams or Kitty Forman or Peg Bundy or Marie Barone. Or your wonderful mom (too numerous to mention!)

Once he looked at a lady with
these eyes, she was
2) We use the word "mesmerize," often forgetting that a real person gave his name to the term. Franz Anton Mesmer (1734 – 1815) was a German doctor who also studied the moon and the planets.  He claimed that there is a "natural energetic transference" that occurs between us. He called it "animal magnetism," and over the years, we have started calling this hypnotic attraction cast upon us by some beguiling someone "mesmerism."

This is how he got Mrs Mesmer to be his ever-loving honey child!  You can bet she was one satisfied customer.

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