Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Saturday Picture Show, June 20, 2015

Quick!  Name a sandwich that inspired a hit record!  Sometimes, you just have to have a hot pastrami sandwich.

This is a home owned by a practical joker who lives right in the flight path of a major city airport.  That city, of course, is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Imagine looking out the window of your flight and having that horrible feeling that you are about to land in Cleveland, Ohio.
This New Yorker cover from 1986, by Arthur Getz, shows everything that's good about America...a volunteer fire house, members washing the pumper on a Saturday morning, and a local kid hanging around to help, dreaming of the day when he'd be a member too. Wistful autobiographical moment...

The members of the Byrds posed for this great album cover in 1965 - 50 years ago - and except for the goofy cape that David Crosby is sporting, the same kind of clothing still looks pretty cool today!
Jerry Colonna was a fine musician (trombone) who provided laughs as a sidekick to Bob Hope.  You can hear him in action on this old record:   Simpsons fans: Jerry was the first person to make "Ay caramba!" a popular quote.  And there is one of those "life coaches" by the same name as JC.  No relation. Ay caramba!
I know I prefer winter to summer, but there are some good things about summer. Grilled corn on the cob on the grill on the plate is a good thing!
This Norman Rockwell painting was called "The Rookie," and is shows a rube showing up for spring training with the big club, clearly not as daunted as he should be to be in the same room as Ted Williams.  By the way, you could have bought a copy of the magazine for 15 cents when it came out in 1957.  The original sold at auction last year for $22 million-something.  By the way, the picture is supposed to represent Mickey McDermott, a mildly successful pitcher whose checkered career led him to becoming a drinking buddy of Paul Gleason, the actor who played Mr Vernon in The Breakfast Club and the officious police lieutenant in Die Hard.  In fact, Gleason always played a self-important, bumptious oaf.
I always knew I was going to be a big fan of Orioles third baseman Manny Machado, and here is why:  a great player is prepared for everything, even if that means wearing a pair of batting gloves and having another pair in your pants pocket, just in case.

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