Monday, September 9, 2013

Whaddya know?

There are jobs about which most of us know nothing.  None of us would walk into a hospital operating room and try to tell a surgeon how to lance a hypothalamus, no one sticks their face back in the restaurant kitchen to throw down advice on how best to make a hollandaise sauce, and very few people even think of climbing up a telephone pole and telling the electric company guy how to hook up the electricity.

To tell you the truth, I don't even know the circumstances under which a hypothalamus would need a good lancing, if it ever did.  I just threw that in there because "hypothalamus" is way up on high on my list of funny body part names, taking its rightful place among such as "the circle of Willis" (a series of interconnected blood vessels at the bottom of the brain), the cremaster (the muscle that brings a man's dangling participles back inside when it's cold outside) and the loop of Henle (part of the tubules which concentrate and secrete various ions in the urine).  "Tubules" is kind of funny, too.

The Circle of Willis
I bring all this up to point out that, now that football season is once again upon us, very few of us who are NOT head coaches of football teams, quarterbacks for football teams or referees for football games know nearly as much as those who do hold those positions.  Which doesn't mean that you can't keep calling the sports-talk radio shows and saying you know more than they do, but I really wish you would refrain from doing so. It takes away from the enjoyment of listening to tire commercials and updates on Bo Jackson's lack of energy.

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