Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, September 29, 2013

 "But I want my breakfast NOW!  Whaddya mean, you're closed???"
 This is going on in Germany...people putting clever pictures on the sides of vending machines to make it appear that people are inside of vending machines making music, or coffee, or whatever you want from a machine.  This might scare children in real life, though, right?
 Peggy, during her working days - which ended yesterday - liked to detour through the Hampton neighborhood to see a herd of deer that were always out having breakfast on someone's shrubbery at about the same time she was supposed to be at on her way to work.  I have seen these deer parading around as well, and from time to time there is an albino deer in the pack.  Now, here is a picture of an albino raven.  The Baltimore Ravens football team, named for a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, has three mascots running around named Edgar, Allan, and Poe. This guy would have to be named Edgar, and you know why.
Speaking of guys...we see the guy in the sunglasses w/ backward cap at most of the home Orioles games. I think the other guy might be Elvis, to tell you the truth. His seat is right behind home plate, so you see him watching the O's whenever a right-handed hitter is up.   I always wondered if I would have the Hart to ask if his name was Corey.  But now we know it isn't.  Click here to find out what it is!

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